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Founded 1977

Lorenco is a full service industrial graphics producer founded in 1977 specializing in critical engineering support for all products and services produced.

From consultation, through rapid prototyping, through short runs or production quantities, Lorenco is dedicated to offer your company the support which has maintained relationships with many of its customers for 20 to 25 years.

Some of the company’s strengths are producing prototype and short runs quickly, printing on parts having extremely tight registration, and printing difficult geometries with consistent color controls. Lorenco’s ability to produce hand color matching quickly and to exacting standards – although a lost art in the industry – is frequently required, eliminating lead times required by ink manufacturers.

Although the medical industry is a major market for Lorenco, the company serves needs of many others including instrumentation, energy, communications, aviation/transportation, food equipment and industrial equipment manufacturers.

Contact Lorenco for any questions or needs which you may have. The response will be quick, professional and helpful.

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