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Transfer (premasked) decals offer unique advantages. More appropriately, they might be considered “portable graphics.”

Building an inventory of transfer decals offers great flexibility. You can change part numbers or model numbers internally at any time, apply them to large equipment which cannot be shipped for printed graphics, or to develop corporate identity graphics for application on any surface, including trade show booths.

Lorenco produces these decals using pressure sensitive polyesters or vinyls with adhesive meeting requirements of the surface to which it will be applied, including powder coated panels.

Colors are printed first. The outline of the image is then cut with the excess “weeded” out, leaving only the graphic and its associated text. A pressure sensitive material (paper based or polyester) is then applied over the entire surface. The outside dimensions are cut and decals are ready to ship.

Upon use, the installer simply removes the overlaminate which releases the graphic from its carrier, positions it on the equipment, rubs the graphic in place, then removes the pre-mask, leaving the graphic transferred and adhesively bonded.

Flat or roll labels are also produced by Lorenco in small to large quantities. Many of these have special adhesives for special requirements.

Decals are so varied that they cannot be listed. Of these are multi color, differing profiles, embossed, multiple textures, domed, second side printed and more.

Please contact the company for any decal you require. Lorenco is a UL listed producer.

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