Lorenco Industries is your premier digital printing supplier

Digital printing is currently trending in the graphics industry.  Lorenco’s has the latest in digital technology and our machines are state of the art.  These machines provide amazing results with colors, fades, windows, selective textures and more. Lorenco takes our customers designs and makes them a reality. Low volume from one part and up with very low setup costs make this an appealing choice.  Call today to discuss your design.

our capabilities

•  Back-lit Applications

•  Rigid Printing

•  Completed Assemblies

•  Sheet Metal Printing

•  Clear Embossing

•  Resin Moldings and Housings

•  Contrasting Textures

•  Unlimited Colors

•  Water Clear Windows

•  Sub-Assemblies


Lorenco Industries is

your premier industrial

graphics supplier.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for our clients whether they need rapid prototyping, short runs or full production quantities.