Face Shields In Stock

Face Shields In Stock and Ready to Ship


At Lorenco, our protective face shields are designed and constructed to maximize protection and provide comfort to the user for all day wear. Optically clear, distortion-free wrap-around face shield. The foam headband holds shield away from face providing no pressure on forehead.


The comfort band design allows for all day use without placing stress on the head or face.  The shield is designed to protect your mask and face from sprays and splatter which adds a layer of protection and may prolong the face mask life span.


Adding a face shield in conjunction with a face mask provides an extra layer of protection.

Pack of 4 Face Shield w/

Comfort Band $20

"Keep Your Distance" Pack of 4 Face Shield w/ Comfort Band $25

Custom Printed Face Shield with Comfort Band

ONLY $12.99 each!  Min order of 24


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