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Graphic Overlays

No graphic product offers the appeal, versatility or functional capability more than a custom graphic overlay.

Generally, these are produced using clear polycarbonate (Lexan) or polyester (Mylar) films. They are manufactured in various textures as well as smooth, scratch-resistant hardcoats with varying reflective values. Printing of colors is done on the back (second side) either by screen or digital processes. Non-print areas become windows for displays, LEDs and other uses. Use of transparent inks provide multi-color windows for LEDs, and other backlit requirements.

Selective textures are printed on the front (first side), leaving windows untextured for water-clear viewing of electronic displays beneath. They also provide a sophisticated graphic appearance achieved by these dissimilar textures.

Embossing of overlays provides space for activation of various switches located beneath as well as for LEDs. The embossing process can take many shapes and forms providing function as well as high quality appeal and an expensive look.

Mounting of overlays can be quite difficult resulting in good parts being scrapped in the attempt to mount them if not fixtured correctly. In some cases adhesive may have to be removed from a substrate as a result of re-positioning. This can be problematic.

Several customers supply Lorenco with metal panels or ABS housings for overlay mounting. In many cases, Lorenco provides the complete control panel assembly, resulting in significant cost reductions.

Color consistency is one of the more difficult processes to maintain from lot to lot. Lorenco’s reputation for color matching and maintaining consistency is a well-recognized strength of the company. Our staff has developed near perfect hand color matching experience over its many years.

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