Lorenco Industries is your premier decal and label supplier.

It's often the last item ordered and one of the most important in defining your corporate identity.  “The label” no matter what you call it, label, bumper sticker, decal, placard, transfer decal, stencil, warning label, caution label, information label, UL/CSA information tag or a remove before use tag; Lorenco is ready to help.  No matter the surface application.  We specialize in the custom label, from small equipotential labels to full wall graphics.


Only need a few labels or a few thousand?  Want your labels in sheets for easy handling or rolls? Our staff can help you design the most effective labeling for your product.  Engage Lorenco early in your process and design the most cost-effective labeling for your product.


Lorenco supplies various labeling that is used on everything from cars to coat hangers and everything in between.


Labels can be constructed from vinyl, polyester, lexan, plastic, and metal just to name a few.


Labels can be in any color configuration and texture combination.  Need a glossy, matte, combination of both, no problem.  Need your labels able to survive harsh chemical testing, let us know.



Please contact the company for any labels/decals you require. Lorenco is a UL listed producer.

our capabilities

•  Low Volume Printing

•  High Volume Printing

•  Various Materials

•  Multi-Color


Lorenco Industries is

your premier industrial

graphics supplier.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for our clients whether they need rapid prototyping, short runs or full production quantities.