Lorenco Industries is your premier membrane supplier.

Since they were introduced, membrane switches have undergone a series of exciting and dynamic developments.


From the simple, non-tactile feel of the earliest membranes produced, to today’s highly sophisticated applications, you, the designer, have virtually unlimited electronic and graphic design flexibility.


New materials, reliable circuits capable of millions of cycles, multi-layered possibilities. Add in LEDs, and other components to open a wide array of design possibilities.


Sophisticated embossing techniques, contrasting textures, unlimited color choices, water clear windows for electronic displays, clear embossing for LEDs beneath the graphic overlay, and a host of available design criteria offer unlimited function and graphics at significant cost savings.


Lorenco offers a wide variety of membranes including tactile and non-tactile, user interface keypads, elastomeric keypad assemblies, back-lit applications. Designs requiring rigid/flex printed circuit boards and complete sub-assemblies to support your product requirements. Lorenco can also provide the supporting injection molded component as well as the metal housings.


Please contact Lorenco in the Engineering phase of your keypad to ensure that the most efficient design is made the first time.  We can support you from prototype design through production.  No transfer of vendor required.  No surprises when you move to production.


our capabilities

  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • Sheet Metal Parts
  • Painting
  • Screen Printing
  • Low Volume Printing
  • High Volume Printing


Lorenco Industries is

your premier industrial

graphics supplier.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for our clients whether they need rapid prototyping, short runs or full production quantities.