Lorenco Industries is your premier silkscreen graphics supplier

Lorenco Industries offers conventional screen printing.  Silkscreening is a process where ink is transferred through mesh onto the sub-straight.  There are two common ways to execute this style of printing it can be with semi-automated presses or hand printing stations.  Lorenco utilizes hand printing stations to print on the most complex geometrical parts.  Whether sharp-angled, curved or small areas, Lorenco is ready to tackle your project.

our capabilities

•  Back-lit Applications

•  Rigid Printing

•  Completed Assemblies

•  Sheet Metal Printing

•  Clear Embossing

•  Resin Moldings and Housings

•  Contrasting Textures

•  Unlimited Colors

•  Water Clear Windows

•  Sub-Assemblies


Lorenco Industries is

your premier industrial

graphics supplier.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for our clients whether they need rapid prototyping, short runs or full production quantities.